Dubai Chess and Culture Club extends chess training programme to Enoc kids

40 children complete sessions with chess Grandmaster

Dubai, UAE (May 27, 2016) – Dubai Chess and Culture Club recently distributed certificates of completion to more than 40 up-and-coming youth players who took part in an exclusive training programme conducted by the club’s top coaches. Two groups of children attended the eight-week training sessions, which were organized in collaboration with the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC).

Yahya Mohamed Saleh, Planning and Development Manager of the club, also presented an award to Enoc, which was represented by Sheikha Al Hadad – Sr Manager Wellness & Social Affairs, in recognition of Enoc’s continuing support and active participation in the club’s various programmes. Dubai Chess and Culture Club also organized a tournament for ENOC employees last year.

According to Saleh, the specialised training sessions were part of the club’s ongoing efforts to organise various corporate events and programmes and provide chess enthusiasts of all levels easy access to professional training materials and coaching resources.

“The feedback from the children and the parents was very encouraging,” said Saleh. “We are very pleased to see that many parents are showing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the impact of chess on the academic performance of their children.”

The training programme was specifically organised for children of Enoc employees. Saleh said the club is already preparing to conduct similar training activities with other corporate partners.

Separate training sessions were organised from 8 April to 27 May for children in the 6-10 years old bracket and in the 11-15 years old category. Croatian Grandmaster (GM) Davorin Kuljasevic spearheaded the training sessions along with Woman Grandmaster (WGM) Andjelija Stojanovic.

Parents and relatives of the youth players attended the awarding ceremony at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club and expressed their gratitude to club management for giving their children a rare opportunity to train under the guidance of top grandmaster coaches. The parents were also very enthusiastic about encouraging their children to take part in other training courses to be offered by the club.

Apart from providing training to the UAE’s elite players, Dubai Chess and Culture Club has opened its training courses to youth players from different schools as well as to corporate organisations. Through its Corporate Chess Training Programme, students learn crucial skills that will help them improve quickly and enjoy the health and intellectual benefits of playing chess, under the guidance of the club’s internationally certified instructors and Grandmaster coaches. Chess courses are offered based on playing strength and other training requirements.