Dubai Chess to conduct three-day Fide Trainer’s Seminar

Fide Senior Trainer GM Efstratios Grivas to conduct three-day seminar at Dubai Chess Club

UAE ace players join chess coaching seminar

Dubai, UAE (July 11, 2016) – Greek chess coach and author, Grandmaster (GM) Efstratios Grivas, will conduct a three-day seminar for aspiring chess coaches in the UAE starting today at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club. Nearly 25 participants, including nine Emiratis, have signed up for the Fide Trainer’s Seminar, which is one of the prerequisites to become a certified coach by the International Chess Federation (Fide).

“The participation of some of the club’s best players in this seminar is an important step in our efforts to provide continuity to our training and development program,” said Najib Saleh, the club’s Technical Director. “We want to equip our top players with essential teaching skills and know-how so they will be able to pass on their knowledge to the younger players.”

Fide Master (FM) Saeed Ishaq and Woman International Master (WIM) Amna Nouman, both key players in the UAE national team, lead the Emirati contingent in the seminar, which also includes coaches from the Philippines, India, Egypt, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Participants could be awarded Fide-certified titles based on their performance during the seminar and a written exam. The titles to be awarded are Fide Trainer, Fide Instructor, National Instructor and Developmental Instructor.

Grivas, a Fide Senior Trainer and Secretary of the Fide Trainers’ Commission, will cover a broad range of topics that include “Physical and Psychological Factors”, “Building a Repertoire”, “How to Teach Beginners”, “Differences Between Boys and Girls in Chess” and “Chess Intuition” among others. There will also be discussions on opening, middlegame and endgame theory.

A Fide-approved coaching title is one of the requirements for acceptance as a chess coach or trainer at prestigious chess training academies and clubs, including Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

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