Four in the race for first in FIDE Candidates; Tan solely on top in Women’s event

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The FIDE Candidates Tournament is getting more and more exciting with each and every passing day. Round 12 once again brought us a myriad of decisive results and the race for first remains wide open.

Ian Nepomniachtchi, the sole leader going into the 12th round, made a solid draw against Praggnanandhaa R. He did not get anything out of the Exchange Variation of the French Defence with White and had to settle for a draw, as Praggnanandhaa played a very clean game.

Two of our three players on Nepomniachtchi’s tails going into this round, on the other hand, had a great day. Both Nakamura and Gukesh, against Firouzja and Abasov, respectively, won their games and are now tied for first with Nepomniachtchi going into the final rest day.

Nakamura’s game was, once again, very messy and full of tactics. He surprised Firouzja in the opening and got an edge with White. Black’s counterplay relied on the passed pawn on the d-file and numerous chaotic tactical complications. However, Nakamura was better with his calculation in this game. On move 21, Firouzja missed a good chance, albeit a very computer-like one, to equalize: 21…Qd7.

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This post is also available in: Arabic (U.A.E.)