Corporate Events

Corporate Tournaments

As the region’s premier chess organisation, Dubai Chess and Culture Club is pleased to extend its best-in-class facilities and services to corporate organisations in the UAE. We organise special one-day events managed by the club’s pool of International Arbiters and Fide Arbiters and tailored to the specific requirements of each company. Participants can enjoy the club’s world-class facilities during the tournament, including the VIP Majlis and main tournament hall, which regularly hosts the world’s elite players, including many world champions, in international tournaments and world championships organised by the club.

Corporate Chess Training Program

The club is also pleased to extend its training program to our friends in the corporate world. Under the guidance of the club’s internationally certified instructors and Grandmaster coaches, students will learn crucial skills that will help them improve quickly and enjoy the health and intellectual benefits of playing chess. Various chess courses are offered based on playing strength and other training requirements.

For all corporate enquiries, please submit the following form and we will be in touch.