Intense Action Unfolds in Ramadan Blitz Chess Team Championship 2024

This post is also available in: Arabic (U.A.E.)

Dubai Chess and Culture Club’s Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Hall came alive on the evening of Tuesday, March 19, 2024, as the Ramadan Blitz Chess Team Championship kicked off amidst the festivities and activities of the holy month of Ramadan. With 144 players representing 72 teams from 29 different nationalities, the tournament boasted a diverse field, encompassing players of all skill levels and age categories. Among them were 10 grandmasters, one senior international master, and five international masters, making a total of 31 titled players vying for victory.

One of the standout teams in the competition was SCU, featuring the esteemed GM Guseinov, Gadir from Azerbaijan (2583) and GM Amonatov, Farrukh from Tajikistan (2554). Another notable contender, Old Fox, comprised the renowned GM Iordachescu, Viorel from Moldova and his counterpart, the IM El Adnani, Mokliss from Morocco. Additionally, five other teams boasted a mix of distinguished international masters and other rated players.

The championship Chief Arbiter is the Emirati IA/IO Mahdi Abdulrahim, with support from IA Salman Al-Taher and a dedicated local arbitration team. Excitement is building as the tournament draws to a close on the evening of Wednesday, March 20, 2024, promising thrilling clashes and intense competition until the final move.

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