Mansoor bin Mohammed issues resolution restructuring the Dubai Chess and Culture Club’s board of directors

This post is also available in: Arabic (U.A.E.)

His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, issued Resolution No. (1) of 2022 restructuring the board of directors of the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

The resolution appointed Khaled Ali bin Zayed as the board’s Chairman and Najib Mohammed Saleh as its Deputy Chairman. Saeed Yousuf Shakari, Amal Abdulaziz AlArif, and Othman Mousa Abdullah will serve as board members. The board will serve a renewable term of four years.

The resolution annuls any previous decision that may contradict the provisions of this resolution, which will be effective from its date of publication in the Official Gazette.

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